Intelligent Trouble (IT), ia a London based collective of makers who have sought to explore the possibilities of working together whilst ‘shift(ing), change(ing) and remain(ing) the same’ IT began when a group of 4 makers, (Helen Carnac, Lin Cheung, David Clarke and David Gates) decided that they wanted to work together, with no particular outcome but as a response to showing works together during the exhibition In Transit in 2009 in Munich, which was installed in a working foundry. During its four day duration they responded to each other and their works, (re)positioning pieces, toying with juxtapositions and modifying works. ‘three days in there bored…for 35 hours and out of that came the conversation that gave rise to this’ (Intelligent Trouble, 2010)

Consequently IT’s first project began in August 2009 with a walk and a boat ride in London. ‘It was there that we decided that each of us would make an edition of four small works or assemblages of materials that we felt represented an aspect of our own practices to exchange with each other. These were, a month later, simultaneously exchanged, retaining one for reference, and working on or responding to the others by the other members of the group’

Intelligent Trouble shifts, changes and remains the same, in different formations,  exploring the possibilities of working together. So far seven artists have made work between them: suggesting, prompting and responding with objects, materials, sounds and words.

‘As a group of makers we have explored the possibilities of working together and what new things could be done. Without jettisoning our own identities, opening our selves to the actions and provocations of others. Trying to find out a little about how each of us works and thinks, locating the overlaps in approaches’

Intelligent Trouble are: Helen CarnacLin CheungDavid Clarke, David GatesKaty HackneyShane Waltener, David Littler.


what a lovely story…

people are getting involved..things appear & disappear!