Intelligent Trouble has shifted, changed, and remained the same. Six artists making work between them: suggesting, prompting and responding with objects, materials, sounds and words.

As a group of makers we have explored the possibilities of working together and what new things could be done. Without jettisoning our own identities, opening our selves to the actions and provocations of others. Trying to find out a little about how each of us works and thinks, locating the overlaps in approaches.

Without immediate plan or intention ideas have moved across disciplines and practices resulting in improvisatory and contingent points. Packages of half-made pieces and raw material were ferried across London or posted across the Atlantic and back, changing and mutating. Having in each of us the trust to work directly with each other’s work and components, with no instructions pieces emerged directly from the response of making. We spoke a little about possibilities or direction but more than usually said something along the lines of ‘do what you like to it’.

An emerging theme, or perhaps even subconscious intention has been the blurring of the boundary between the displayed and the displayer: of how discreet or autonomous objects might sit within or upon other objects to make a new whole. Blurring the object, blurring the hands.

As much as being finished objects the works in this collection are pauses in conversations, bringing together exchanges that have happened and pointing to ongoing possibilities. The processes of collective production are laid bare, any ‘aesthetic’ runs deeper than the surface – they look, and sound, like what caused them to be.

text and images copyright David Gates, London 2011