It’s been a busy time for IT. The show is down at CAA and it’s time for us to collect our thoughts and move the conversation on. Over the month long installation we did six talks and there is a huge amount to think through, reflect on and grasp. We all feel incredibly fired up about it and look forward to sharing some new thinking on it all.

Since then we have all been involved in the Craft Rally – Lin and David C ran the ‘Lines’ on the Parade Ground at Chelsea College of Art, David G gave a talk about IT at the Rally and Helen Curated the Rally day…so busy, busy, busy. Here are some images of the lines courtesy of the two Davids. It was a space to get conversation going, to ‘trouble’, to give out badges which were designed by Timothy Information Ltd and to swap objects that visitors had been asked to bring with them.


…and of course there was time to play bat and ball with saucepans!